Motorola MB8600 Cable Modem Review – Is it Worthwhile?

If you are a tech-savvy person, then you must already know the significance of a good cable modem. The Motorola MB8600 is one such modem which is popular, compatible, available, and supports ultra-fast internet speed. This new cable modem uses the world’s most latest technology with a sleek design and easy setup.

The Motorola MB8600 is one of the latest, new generation devices out there that has joined the DOCSIS 3.1 group. If we look a few years back, the best modems out there used to be compatible with DOCSIS 3.0. Now, within a span of few years, we have encountered a brand new technology that is not only reliable but is also the best out there. This review lists all the aspects of the latest Motorola MB8600 and what it has in store for you.

The Motorola MB8600 with DOCSIS 3.1 modems is your one-stop solution to all cable modem related problems. Still in doubt whether you want to invest in this product or not? Well, then this review is for you. It lists all the benefits and drawbacks of the MB8600 cable modem. So, let us move forward towards a quick Motorola MB8600 review and why this product will give you the best value for your money.

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Why you should go for the Motorola MB8600?

1. Brand

Whenever we shop for a product, we look at its various attributes, such as its brand, quality, features, display, design, etc. These are the basic features that we look for when we buy a product. People tend to buy product or modem from such companies which have a better brand value. Similarly, the thing which differentiates Motorola MB8600 from other competing modem products is its brand. Since the past few years, Motorola has been relentlessly trying to provide the best modems to its customers.

Motorola MB8600 is compatible with all the leading Internet Service Providers(ISPs) such as Cox, Spectrum, Comcast Xfinity, etc. Looking at the cut-throat competition in the market, making a modem compatible with all primary ISPs is quite a feat. Motorola is known to have played a crucial part in the development of DOCSIS, giving us all the more reasons for advocating the benefits of Motorola MB8600.

2. Compatibility

There are only a few companies in the market that can boast about its compatibility with almost all internet providers. This product is one such product that not only supports DOCSIS 3.0 but also DOCSIS 3.1. You can buy this modem even if you have not yet updated your ISP. Another benefit for you is that even if in future if your ISP is updated, then you do not have to worry about investing your hard-earned money in buying a new model cable.

The Motorola MB8600 is already a certified 3.1 cable modem for Comcast XFINITY. You can opt for any of their products. There are other providers out there that also support 3.1 cable modems. However, before making any final decision, always check with your provider to avoid any future inconveniences.

3. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is amongst the most important factors for deciding whether a person must purchase a modem or not. Modems are primarily used for enjoying high network speed. As most people are using internet facilities at their homes for various purposes, its speed has become a particularly serious concern. Everyone wants a modem which is not only compatible with their ISP but also provides them with high-speed internet facility.

The use of the internet in our daily lives has now become almost inevitable. Slow internet speed, buffering of videos, slow page load, high internet traffic, etc. have brought ahead a wide range of new problems that we have never encountered before. If you feel the same then MB8600 is the solution to all your internet problems.

MB8600 gives you consistent bandwidth, irrespective of its position. If you happen to be in an area with DOCSIS 3.1, then you will get high speed. While, if you are in an area where the bandwidth is of DOCSIS 3.0, then the maximum you may only get 1 Gbps as this is the maximum limit of speed provided by this modem.

Rest assured, this modem is good enough to provide you with high-speed network connection.

4. Ports

Older versions of MB8600’s modem used to come with four ethernet ports and a single WAN port. The coaxial cable is plugged inside this WAN Port whereas the ethernet port is used for connecting the device with the modem. There are four ethernet ports but you can connect only a single device at a time. This device also works in the same way as that DOCSIS 3.0 modem works.

However, the company decided to modify this modem and brought into market the newer version with just 1 port with the capacity of 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port.

5. Performance

Motorola has made MB8600 while keeping in mind all the possible future needs and comforts of their customers. This modern technology’s performance pars all that of its competitors.

MB8600’s DOCSIS 3.1 modem lets you experience the highest internet speed provided by the ISP in today’s market. A lot of features of this device will be seen once the ISP brings out DOCSIS 3.1 networks. Update of the network by the ISPs will unleash its whole power and let you enjoy the best internet experience of your whole life. If you believe in concepts like future-proofing, then consider buying this modem.

6. Setup

Motorola MB8600 ‘s setup is similar to other cable modems in the market. It can be done both manually or by calling your ISP. You can do it manually by plugging the cable to a computer or laptop and then open a web browser. The activation wizard will be automatically launched. Then you just have to follow the on-screen instructions, once done, check your connection by simply opening a web page.

7. Signal Quality

If you think that this 3.1 cable modem will work only in urban areas, then my dear friend, you are wrong. All thanks to Motorola MB8600’s Full Band Capture Technology, this DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem can be used in even rural areas with poor or bad signal quality. You can do video calls, video streaming, online meetings, downloads, etc. without any worries of buffering or bad connection. Your ISP provides cannot restrict the channels which you want to use, even if they provide you with a limited number of channels. Motorola’s MB8600 has the power to catch not just DOCSIS 3.1 band but the entire DOCSIS band.

If your locality has a crowded network, aging lines, etc. then this DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem can be your answer.

8. Hardware

Motorola MB8600 is the new generation DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem which doesn’t have the Intel Puma chipsets that it’s famous for, which were notorious for causing several problems. While using DOCSIS 3.0, it is equipped to handle downstream download channels up to 32 SCQAM, 8 upstream bonded channels. On the other hand, while using DOCSIS 3.1 it can download and upload 2 OFDM bonded channels.

What is it’s Drawbacks?

1. Just one Ethernet port

Older models of Motorola MB8600 had 4 ethernet ports but users are allowed to use only one port. this issue was later resolved by Motorola. The latest models have only one 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port. Now, users are left with only one port and if unfortunately, this port stops working then the modem remains of no use.

2. 6 Gbps Speed Limit

The MB8600 boasts of giving 6 Gbps Speed Limit. The DOCSIS 3.1 can reach up to 6Gbps speed, however, with present ISP, their service and load capacity is not capable or updated enough to provide this much speed to users. The DOCSIS 3.0 is only capable of managing speed up to 1 Gbps. As a result, the theoretical results and real-time results have a wide difference. The user may pay for better services but unless the ISP s updates their service, investing money in such service does not seem feasible.

Nevertheless, if you are a technology buff and have an interest in buying and using new technologies, then this modem will surely attract you.

3. Expensive

With the latest technology and various advantages, this device is one of the best devices on our review list, however, for a layman, it is expensive. The truth is that a number of users would not want to invest in a modem that they can not use to its full capacity.


Q.1 Does Motorola mb8600 work with spectrum?

Yes, this Motorola model works with Spectrum. In fact, this modem works with all primary internet providers such as Spectrum, Cox, etc. However, it is always a good option to double-check with your ISP before buying any modem.

Q.2 Are Motorola modems good?

Yes, Motorola Modems are one of the very best in the industry. Motorola has played a very crucial role in developing the latest DOCSIS technology. Also, Motorola mb8600 is one of the latest products by Motorola in the internet modem industry which is fairly popular and loved by its users around the globe.

Q.3 What is the best modem for Xfinity?

The best modem for Xfinity is the Motorola MB8600. This modem is fairly compatible with Comcast Xfinity which is one of the biggest ISP.

Q.4 Is the Signal Strength of Motorola MB8600 worth considering?

Yes, this modem’s signal strength is one of the very best amongst its competitors. MB8600 offers around 32×8 support.

Q.5 Does this modem come with four Ports?

No, Motorola has brought some changes to this modem’s latest products. Now, it comes with The latest models that have only one 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port. However, if you buy any old product, then it used to come with four Ethernet Ports, however, you can use only one port at a time.

Q.6 Do I need to buy a separate router with this modem?

Yes, as this modem is not in itself a wireless router, you need to buy a separate wireless router with this modem.

Q.7 Can I set up this Modem on my own or do I need to call an Expert for connecting it?

Yes, you can connect this modem on your own. Just do it manually by plugging the cable to a computer or laptop and then open a web browser. The activation wizard will be launched automatically. Then just follow the on-screen instructions. However, it would be much better if you can avail of any expert’s service.

In a nutshell

This Motorola MB8600 review deals with all features of the modem. From decent features to great bandwidth to high-speed internet experience this product’s DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem outstands other DOCSIS modems and its other competitions in all aspects. If you are a technology geek with a soft corner for the latest technology in the market, then, in a nutshell, this modem is for you.

Though, a little expensive, if you want to invest in it, then this modem will surely exceed your expectations. For people who are looking for such features and are ready to invest in this modern, cutting edge technology, then this can, indeed, be a very good choice.

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