Detailed Review: Fios Quantum Gateway Router – Save $120 Yearly

Ready to upgrade your router to improve your online connectivity? Here’s one reliable device worthy of your consideration. It’s the Fios Quantum Gateway Router by Verizon.

If you’re a Verizon customer and you’re not yet using this particular router, I’ll share with you why you should upgrade soon. Not only will it improve your internet experience – doing so a certain way can save you a considerable amount of money.

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Oh and… you don’t have to be a Verizon customer necessarily to gain the benefits offered by this gateway router. Chances are, it could be used with any high-speed Internet service provider. Of course, it’s always a good idea to call them to confirm, or simply switch companies.

We’re talking about a piece of high-tech equipment that enhances the user’s experience. So there’s no sane reason why another network wouldn’t welcome you and your Fios Quantum Gateway Router. All they have to do is change the pre-set path since these branded routers were made for Verizon’s high-speed fiber-optic network.

Get The Same Quality High Speed Internet Service For A Lot Less

But here’s the thing: you should NOT rent or buy directly from Verizon because doing so will invariably cost you more money – possibly, a lot of money.

You can easily save anywhere from $50 to $100 on a purchase and several hundred dollars if you decide against a rental unit, something Verizon is probably hoping you not do. And why wouldn’t they? It’s easy money for them and most customers don’t realize that there is in fact – a better way.

It’s 100% legal and ethical and it’s fully accepted by Verizon – even if they do so begrudgingly. Their service personnel will take setting you up with Verizon – even though you purchased your hardware from another source.

More about the cost savings in a moment. First, let’s consider what this router delivers.

What Is the Fios Quantum Gateway Router anyway?

Well, it’s an essential piece of equipment – so you might as well get one that’s going to serve you well for a few years. Your router is the small device, roughly 2 inches wide by 10 inches tall and 10 inches deep. It’s what allows you, your family and friends to connect to the Internet wirelessly at home.

Your router can sit on a table or shelf – in most cases. I used to set mine behind my computer so it wouldn’t stand out. After all, a router isn’t a design accessory.  But the Fios Quantum Gateway is actually quite stylish and sleek – more like eye candy than an eyesore. So if you have to leave it exposed to the world, it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

The Fios Quantum Gateway router is Verizon’s latest and it is designed and built for all Fios (Verizon’s fiber-optic network) Internet service plans. So it’s among the better routers available for maximum Wi-Fi speeds, range and continuous access for multiple users at any one time – using a variety of devices. Computers, tablets and phones – we all have them and we all want a quick internet connection on demand.

In other words, if you’re already a Verizon customer, or you’re thinking about becoming one – you need to know about this router. You shouldn’t have to settle for an older, lesser device. But don’t get sucked into a hidden rental fee quietly added to your service bill – just to get this one.

What the Fios gateway router provides is a stronger signal allowing for more reliable, uninterrupted service at faster speeds. What this boils down to is faster, hassle-free online surfing, gaming, and streaming. But it also means a more efficient Internet connection for those of us who work from home, whether its a day here and there or an everyday gig.

It’s all possible with the Fios Quantum Gateway Router. This one features dual-band technology, which will boost your bandwidth, allowing for faster uploading, downloading, streaming, and sharing on multiple devices – simultaneously.

Key Verizon Gateway Router Features And What They’ll Mean To You

With the Quantum Gateway Router, you’re getting:

  • An efficient dual-core processor – for faster, more consistent performance on both wired and wireless devices
  • High-speed gigabit wired Ethernet for reaching top speeds (perfect for gaming and streaming full-length videos – without the frustration)
  • Maximum wireless range for better connectivity throughout (ideally, you’ll have better Wi-Fi connections from any room in your home – even on your porch or deck – simply by upgrading your router, but you might consider this Network Extender for an added boost for even stronger connections)
  • Advanced technology (known as beamforming) to further strengthen the connection between your gateway and any device that’s tapped into your network (this is the choke point, where most people lose out – even when they’re paying for high-speed service with plenty of bandwidth)
  • Twice as much bandwidth (thanks to the dual bands of 2.5 and 5 GHz) so your connection speed doesn’t slow to a crawl when multiple people are connected to your network doing different things and using various devices at the same time
  • Double the amount of data transfer over coaxial cable with MoCA 2.0

It should be pointed out that having a quality, reliable router isn’t the sole factor that comes into play in establishing efficient and uninterrupted internet service. Other things that can affect the level of performance you experience include the size of your home, number of floors, walls and wall construction, router location, and signal interference from things like plumbing and electrical systems.

Make no mistake, you need a reliable provider and quality, well-designed hardware. Without this kind of foundation, nothing else matters. If you have both of these essentials in place and your connections still seem spotty, you might want to try a compatible network extender to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal. Here’s one we recommend. It’s far more cost-effective than renovating your home to improve reception.

What’s In the Box?

Your Fios Quantum Gateway Router is delivered straight to your door in one lightweight box. Inside you’ll find a coaxial cable, removable power supply, and the router itself – complete with an attached user name and password specific to your device. You can change the password later if you like. But for a smoother set up process, I recommend using their user name and password the first time around.

You can set this up on your own and in just minutes (there’s no extra software or tech-support required). Everything is included and there’s a simple step-by-step process.

Basically, the first thing you have to do is log in to your current router and find the “release DCHP” button. Click it and then you can shut down your old router and unplug it. Then, plug in your new Fios Quantum Gateway Router and allow it to boot up fully. Next, look for the label on the side of the device.

Here you should see the website URL to log into  – along with the username and password supplied by the manufacturer. Go ahead and visit the site and log in. As long as Verizon has activated your account (existing customers are naturally already active) the network should recognize and connect to your new router without a problem. If you need additional info here is a link to the manual.

As a customer paying for Internet service, you have a team of tech support people standing by. But it’s really not difficult at all you set it up yourself and get things rolling at a faster clip, thanks to your new equipment.

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How To Save The Most Money  – And Enjoy The Best High-Speed Service

Clearly, this is a router worth having. But you don’t want to rent or buy directly from Verizon unless you enjoy wasting your cash – cash you undoubtedly worked hard to earn. What you need a company like Verizon (or any high-speed network) for is their high-speed fiber-optic or cable network – not the equipment that enables you to use it and enjoy the many benefits such a fast and stable network delivers.

Verizon will gladly rent you this device and charge you around $10 a month (or more) for the privilege. Or, they will sell it to you outright – for THEIR price. Therein lies the problem. Either option through Verizon will most assuredly cost you more money. The smart thing to do is to buy your device for a low, one-time-only price and then pay Verizon to tap into their high-speed expressway.

It’s easy to overlook the $10 per month fee as an insignificant amount. After all – there’s not much you can buy for such a small amount. It seems like spare change. Pocket money for most of us. And when you look at a single $10 charge – who could argue? But when you’re billed those ten measly dollars month-after-month – it can quickly add up to several hundred dollars. And you might not even notice it. But what you’re actually doing is overpaying. Here’s why…

After one year you would have paid more than it would cost you to buy from our recommended and reliable source. Yet it’s the exact same device. So why spend more than you have to for the same product and service?

Math 101

Let’s look at some simple numbers to calculate your potential savings when you own your router outright, instead of renting it from Verizon.

Years of Payments Approximate Money Spent Savings By Owning
1 $120 N/A
2 $240 $120
3 $360 $240
4 $480 $360
5 $600 $480

Somewhere on this chart are numbers that will ring true in your specific experience. When you get right down to it, you will either spend more than you need to or save some sweet cash. Most folks just don’t realize that they do have a choice. Or, they don’t realize the true expense of those seemingly insignificant monthly charges.

Don’t be fooled by the nearly invisible $10 charge they’re dinging you with each and every month – for as long as you continue to rent from them. If those billings automatically stopped when the product was paid for than renting would make more sense. But it doesn’t. You will continue to be billed until you return their rental unit and tell them to stop billing. It’s highway robbery, to say the least. And you’re the one paying the tab if you accept one of these plans from your Internet provider.

Just say no thanks, Verizon. Or, whomever. Don’t even buy the Fios Quantum Gateway Router from them because typically you’ll pay $30-$100 more than you need to. Seriously. It’s available for substantially less -even though it’s the identical router.

Plan On Getting At Least A Few Years Of Quality Service

But here’s the thing… These devices will not only last a long time – they can likely serve you well for years to come. I don’t know about you, but I last upgraded my router about 5 1/2 years ago. There are no mechanical pieces moving around here – so wear and tear doesn’t exist. The only thing that ages a device like a router is improved technology as it comes along.

So realistically, you’re going to get at least a few years of reliable service out of this thing. And every month beyond and above the first 10 months with your brand-new Fios Quantum Gateway Router, means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money for yourself. Might as well keep it in your pocket, instead of Verizon’s.

The Long and Short Of It (Otherwise Known as The Verdict)

If it’s time for a router upgrade than it’s time to act on your own best interest and buy intelligently rather than rent blindly. It’s kind of empowering when you do. Think of it as one small victory for the little guy. And don’t worry. This giant corporation will continue on just as well without their hands in your pocket.

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  1. How do you know if is a true verizon fios quantum or the frontier model disguised as the same product? I don want to buy this without knowing this pre-purchase.

    • Hi Karen,

      You want to buy from reputable sellers that are trustworthy where you can return if need be like Amazon.
      Look for the Verizon logo on it, and make sure it’s the Verizon firmware on the router.

      Hope this helps,


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